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In Office Agents

Join us at our headquarters and work with and amongst other professional sales respresentatives.

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At Home Agents

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our Belize at Home program and work from the comfort of your personal work space.

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Other Opportunities

From time to time we have emplyment opportunities listed in other areas of operation. Check the link below to learn about any availabilities.

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Office Culture

We are a progressive and innovative Belizean Call Center that primarily services partnerships in the United States by leveraging our leading technology and hybrid “brick and mortar” and “at home" business model. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations with exceptional closing rates and customer service.

• Focused on providing excellent results and customer service to our clients.
• We utilize a hybrid at home and in office work model to optimize training and coaching of qualified agents, which facilitates otherwise non-existent employment opportunities.
• Advanced dialer and dashboard technology to help our agents evaluate, activate and monetize.
• We provide a significant amount of training and coaching to our agents, which allows us to be very flexible when bringing aboard additional partners and programs.

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A word from our Agents

The reason why I like working for this GREAT company - Caye Talkers is because you and I can excel in our goals and be presented with new opportunities. It is one of the coolest call centers, and there's quite a living to be made if you have a passion for sales!
The team leads are the sweetest, they always let you know you can do it! The management team ahve faith in their employees and reinforce that we are all a TEAM. We support each other no matter what and that's why I Like working at, and will keep working at my Call Center

Kareem Francis, Sales Agent

I like working at Caye Talkers because I find that it challenges me in a positive way. We are in control of our carreers here as our earnings are determined by our productivity.
My co-workers make coming in to the office interesting, my supervisor is one of the best I've had. Thank you!

Ian Hyde, Team Lead

Caye Talkers is great because of the flexibility of the company with their agents. I find it easy to make a living and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
Our team leads offer much in the way of moral support and they keep us goal oriented. In addition to that there's an open door policy with all the managers which is great!

Teresa Flores, At Home Sales Agent

Caye Talkers has a pleasant working atmosphere with professionalism being number one here. The management cater to our every need meaning they give and take where it's due. The rewards are awesome and we get recognized for doing well.
The Pay rates are super, especially if you aim on being an entrepreneur, you can save to make an investment. Everyone at Caye Talkers is our family since we spend most hours on the dialer.

Mitchell Ramclam, Sales Agent

I love Caye Talkers because of the family atmosphere. The interation among agents is amazing.
The competitive nature of the job is thrilling as well! When I am on top of the board I feel like a Champion!

Luwani Cayetano, Sales Agent